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Pride for the People is a grassroots organization comprised of former Boston Pride volunteers and concerned community leaders and individuals advocating for a community-centered Boston Pride.

Pride for the People is committed to facilitating a transformation that results in a Boston Pride Organization that

  • Listens to community voices:  Listens to and is responsive to the multiple and diverse voices, interests, and needs of the entire Greater Boston LGBTQ+ community

  • Committed to participatory democracy: Operates with a democratic governance structure that includes power sharing and checks and balances

  • Diverse leadership: Has leadership that represents the diversity of the Greater Boston LGBTQ+ community, especially with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic class.

  • Committed to social justice:  Honors the Stonewall Riots and the history of Pride by explicitly and intentionally centering on issues of social justice, especially as they affect the most disadvantaged in our community

  • Financially ethical:  Does not accept donations from corporations and businesses that engage in unjust and/or exploitative business practices or labor practices, environmentally harmful practices (especially as they affect people of color and the poor), and/or violations of privacy and property rights.

  • Works collaboratively: Works collaboratively with other social justice organizations to promote deep structural social, cultural, political, and legal change using an intersectional lens

  • Security without police: Develops an alternative system for providing safety and crowd control at Pride events, especially the Parade and Festival, thereby minimizing police presence.

  • Centers community not corporations: Organizes a parade that centers on community members and organizations and not corporations and businesses 

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