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Our Goals

  • Transition to a new board comprised of new, diverse voices within six months

  • Draft a transition plan in collaboration with Trans Resistance, the resigned volunteer workforce, and other community leaders of colors  

  • Initiate process for bylaw revisions that enact a democratic governance structure that ensures that multiple voices within the organization and from the community are heard 

  • A Pride organization that focuses on community, social justice, and uplifting those from BITQPOC communities instead of corporations interested in capturing the monied LGBTQ market

What a Substantive Boston Pride Transformation Plan Should Include


A clear 6 month timeline for replacing the current board members in two phases (to maintain continuity and facilitate on-boarding of new board members)

  • Many board members have served for at least ten years.  Linda DiMarco has been on the board for 20 years.  

End the absolute rule of the board; revise bylaws to adopt a democratic governance structure


  • The current bylaws give the board absolute power.  The board is not accountable to anyone.  There are no power sharing governance structures; no checks and balances; no term limits

  • Volunteers who chair the committees that do the majority of the work have no power

  • There are no policies and procedures in place.  The board makes decisions on a case to case basis behind closed doors


Make amends with the resigned volunteer workforce and LGBTQ leaders of color who have been calling for a transformation, and work collaboratively with them to draft and execute a transition plan 

  • Pride’s current transformation plan allows the current board to select the people who select the next board.  It’s a fancy strategy for controlling the process and maintaining power. 

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